Translate Words, Phrases Using Windows 8 Translator App: Translator++

Translator++ is a free Windows 8 Translator app. This app can be used to translate words or phrases between a number of languages. You can write here or can straightaway paste the text you want to translate. Translator++ is freely available in Tools category of the Windows Store.

Translator++ has a smart auto-detect feature that detects the source language (if not specified explicitly) and translate it to the target language. Plus there’s a Mike feature using which you can directly speak into your mike and get the language translated; no need to write or paste anything. You can even share your results over the Internet using the Windows 8 Share Charm.


Translator++ also provides you with a history of translations you have done so far. Let’s get you better introduced with its working and its main features.

Use this Windows 8 Translator app to translate words and phrases

The working of this Windows 8 Translator app is quite simple. You just have to write or paste your text in the upper text box, select your languages for the translation and hit the arrow like button that is available on the right side of the language selecting list. Translator++ will then translate it for you.

Translator  - translate

Reach out your recently searched words or phrases using the arrow that is present on the upper side in the middle of this Windows 8  Translator app. As you click on that arrow, a history list will appear, where all your searched words will appear.

Translator  - history

Click on any of the items appearing here, and you would be displayed what search you made for that word, that is all the information regarding that search (its target language, translation, etc.).

Share your results over the internet with others

This Windows 8 Translator app even gives you the capability to share your results over the Internet.

Translator  - share For that, you can use the Windows 8 Share Charm.

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Key Features of Translator++

  • This Windows 8 Translator app is absolutely free.
  • Has support around 44 different languages.
  • You even can share your results over the Internet using the Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Supports searching for words as well as for phrases.
  • You even have the capability to provide sound inputs to this Windows 8 Translator app.

My Verdict on on Translator++

According to me, it is a good. It has support for a wide number of languages. When I used it, it worked out to be good in finding translations, but the option to use a mike to provide audio inputs didn’t work out for me. You have to try it on your own side to know better.

Get Translator++ here.