Windows 8 Puzzle Game: Skiddy the Slippery Puzzle

Skiddy the Slippery Puzzle is a free Windows 8 Puzzle Game app. The game has a number of skiddies. These skiddies tend to remain happier when they are placed together. Your main aim here is to make the skiddies leave the game board together. In order to move them to a particular direction, you can only tilt the game board. Tilting the board to any side will result in all the skiddies moving together in the direction of the tilt.

Also see that you make them leave in the least possible number of moves. This will help you in getting more medals and awards. This Puzzle Game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Skiddy The Slippery Puzzle

Let’s get you a better idea about the game.

Play and enjoy this free Windows 8 Puzzle Game

As you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, two options namely Easy and Hard will be shown.


In the easy level of Skiddy the Slippery Puzzle, you can practice while playing because it is relatively easy. A number of  levels will be available, of which only one is enabled in the beginning. As you play and complete levels, next levels would be enabled.

Skiddy The Slippery Puzzle- easy

When you start this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, a number will be displayed on the upper right side of the Game, which will tell you how many moves you can take. If you are unable to complete in stipulated moves, you won’t be able to clear the level. Against this, if you are able to complete the level taking the least number of moves, you would be awarded and new levels would be enabled.

Skiddy The Slippery Puzzle- awards

As you get to the next levels, the difficulty will eventually increase. In some levels of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, there are obstacles which you can use for your advantage.

Skiddy The Slippery Puzzle- Take advantage of Obstacles

These obstacles can stop the skiddies when they pass through them.


In the Hard level of this free Windows 8 Puzzle Game, you can expect a higher level of difficulty. Here, you would be awarded Diamonds if you complete within the stipulated moves.

Here, you would have to complete your game in comparatively lesser number of moves. In this option of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, there are even levels present where you will be challenged to complete the game within some moves. The challenge will be displayed  on the upper side in the middle of the page.

Skiddy The Slippery Puzzle- Challenge

The challenge is to complete the game in the given number of moves, as shown by the curved rectangle in the above screenshot. If you are not able to complete the game in the stipulated moves, the game will restart itself until you complete the challenge.

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Key Features of Skiddy the Slippery Puzzle

  • This Windows 8 Puzzle game is freely available at Windows Store.
  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this Puzzle Game is quite nice.
  • Hidden Awards are available for you if you successfully clear any level.
  • Ease of Playing : The controls of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game are quite easy.
  • Availability of a number of levels.
  • Multiple device support: You can use either your keyboard, mouse, Microsoft XBOX 360, and your touch devices.
  • Challenge yourself by playing in the Hard mode.

My Verdict

According to me, this Windows 8 Puzzle Game is quite addicting and fun and for that reason it deserves a try for sure.

Get Skiddy the Slippery Puzzle here.