Learn Chess Using Windows 8 Chess App: LearnChess4All

LearnChess4All is a Windows 8 Chess app. It is a fun and interactive Educational app that will guide you about how to play chess. The app provides you with all the rules that you have to follow to play chess; for every chess piece, including Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King, and Pawn. Apart from displaying textual instructions, the app also shows nice graphics and animations to help you visually understand how to make a move. Plus there’s an option to see common checkmate patterns that are followed in chess.

This Windows 8 Chess app also provides you with some quizes, which will allow you to test what you have learnt so far. The solutions for these quizes are also available here, where you can check whether you were able to make the best move or not. LearnChess4All is freely available in Education category of Windows Store.


Let’s get you better introduced with this app.

Learn to Play Chess using this Windows 8 Chess app

As you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Chess app, all the players (chess pieces) that are used in the game of Chess will be shown. Click on any of the player to learn about it. Now, as I have mentioned earlier, the app will provide you with Graphical, Textual, and Animation based help, in order to learn the moves that you have to follow. Use the arrows that are available on the left and the right side of the page to get all the help that is available here.

LearnChess4All- Help

Each of these are explained below.

Graphical Representation

In the Graphical representation, you would be explained about the rules by using graphic diagrams, where you would be shown all the moves that you can make using a particular check piece.

LearnChess4All- Graphical help

Graphical Help is also available for the quizes that are available for you in this free Windows 8 Chess app. Here, you will be shown any particular move problem, as well as for the solution you should follow for the best results.

Textual Representation

In the textual representation of this Windows 8 Chess app, you would be explained all the rules that you have to follow for any player.

LearnChess4All- Textual help

The textual help would be useful for better understanding what is happening.

Animation help

You can use the buttons that are available on the lower right side to see the moves that you have to follow in chess, to watch moves using Animations.

LearnChess4All- Animation help

These animations can prove out to be more useful for you.

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Key Features of LearnChess4All

  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this Windows 8 Chess app is quite nice.
  • Freely available: LearnChess4All is freely available in Windows Store.
  • Graphical diagrams are available here to help you understand better.
  • Availability of Animations for better understanding.
  • Quizes are included which will addict even more.

My Verdict On LearnChess4All

This Educational app is great for learning Chess. All the facilities it provide to the user to learn chess are good. But, I think it would be better if there was a feature for the users to practically check their skills by playing. Otherwise, it is a good gaming educational resource.

Get LearnChess4All here.