Windows 8 Camera App Free: Photo Booth Pro

Photo Booth Pro, is a free Windows 8 camera app. It’s a lightweight Windows 8 app, that can take photos with really cool effects, using your webcam device. Taking snaps is as easy as it can be. You can take a snap by simply clicking anywhere in the camera capture area, or on the camera button, or you can also set a timer of up to 5 seconds for automatic capture. The app has a really cool set of effects, such as mirrors, fisheye, grayscale, timelaps, etc., that you can add while taking photos. It’s a great app to have some fun while taking photos, and then share them with friends. Yes, you can share the clicked photos from within the app itself, using the Windows 8 Share Charm, and view and save them, or set them as the Lock Screen Image.

Photo Booth Pro

Take snaps with effects using this Windows 8 camera app:

This Windows 8 camera app, is very easy to use. Like I said above, all you have to do is click! The app has a good user interface. The interface is somewhat clean; ads are there, but they won’t bother much. While taking the snaps the screen is mostly covered by the camera capture area, giving you a big area to preview how the snap is going to look. Now, this is a good feature in this Windows 8 camera app. All the effects are present at the bottom of the screen, and these includes: Reset, Grayscale, Mirror (horizontal), Mirror (vertical), Mirror (4 ways), Fisheye (fast), Pinch (fast), and Timelaps. These all are the free ones, you can get more by spending few bucks. Click on Get more effects button at the bottom of screen to avail more effects.

Photo Booth Pro - fish eye effect

It’s the effects which makes this Windows 8 camera app fun. You can get really cool snaps using these effects. Mirror, timelaps, and pinch are my favorites. Also there’s a very good animation, when you switch between this Windows 8 app and any other app. Simply, click on any effect that you want to add, and click anywhere in the camera capture area, or click on the camera icon button on the right. And if you are taking selfies, then you can use timer to set yourself right and get the right pose. Simply click on the Timer button at bottom right corner of the screen. This activates the timer for 3 seconds, click again to set it for 5 seconds, and click once again to set it off.

Photo Booth Pro - viewing snaps

After taking the snap, you can also view them in full screen. Simply click on Gallery button at top left corner of the screen, and you’ll get another screen, showing all the photos taken using this Windows 8 camera app. Simply click on the next and previous buttons present at far right and left side of screen, and you can jump between photos.

Photo Booth Pro - share

Two really good things that I liked in this screen is, you can share the photos that you liked, with friends using the Windows 8 Share charm (through Outlook account), directly! And other feature is the ability to set a picture as a lock screen image. This will be the image that’ll be shown besides your system’s user name. Simply right click on this screen and this brings a flyout at the bottom of the screen, containing buttons for: Share, Delete, Set LockScreen, and SaveAs. Click on the desired to do the requisite. These all are pretty easy to use as they are self-explanatory.

Photo Booth Pro - setting lock screen photo

Key Features of this Windows 8 Camera App:

  • Available for free.
  • Good Windows 8 camera app.
  • Take a snap with single mouse click or set a timer.
  • Add different effects while taking photos.
  • View photos in full screen with in the app.
  • Share photos with Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Set a photo as Lock Screen photo.
  • Simple and easy to use.

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Final Note:

Photo Booth Pro, surely is a good Windows 8 camera app. It’s fast and works great without any lags. The effects are really cool. Though I missed the Windows 8 Print charm, and I wish there were little more free effects. Still it’s great app to have fun with taking photos, and sharing them with friends and family. Download this Windows 8 camera app from the Photo Category in Windows Store, or click here.

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