Windows 8 Password Manager App To Store Passwords Using Hints

Password Clues is a free Windows 8 Password Manager app that lets you store all your passwords at a single place using hints. It locks all your passwords with a single password and after unlocking, shows only hints, instead of the exact passwords for your accounts. Thus if someone happens to unlock your Password Clues account using the master password, he or she still won’t be able to view your secret passwords since the app only shows hints, that only you can recognize. Thus in a way, the app provides a secure way to let you remember your passwords in case you forget them.

Password Clues - Password Hint

Password Clues is a free app available in the Tools category of Widows Store. Search for it using Win+Q key combination or view the app directly in Windows Store using the link given at the end of this article. Let’s see how this free Windows 8 Password Manager works.

Store Passwords using Hints with Password Clues:

Password Clues is a simple app with an extremely pleasing UI. When you launch the app for the first time, you would be asked to signup by creating a master password. Enter a strong password and re-enter it to confirm your sign up. If you find it hard to think of a strong password, you might also use some free Password Generator apps.

Password Clues - Sign Up

Once you sign up successfully and enter your account, you would see an empty status with a sad smiley face at the background. You can add an account by clicking at the Plus (+) button at the top on the left panel. This would open up another panel where you can add details for your account, including the website or service name, username, and password. After filling the information, you can click on Submit. This will add your details to the Accounts list. Likewise, you can add as many account details to the app as you want.

Password Clues - Adding an Account

The next time you want to view a password for any of the added accounts, you can click on its entry in the Accounts panel. This would show you a password hint, like the one shown in the first screenshot.

This type of hint would enable you to recognize the password easily. Like the hint in the first screenshot depicts that the password starts with letter “S” and ends with “0”, has special characters, digits, and both case letters, and is 14 characters long. If you want more hint, you can click on the Eye icon at the center of the figure to open the second hint.¬†¬†This would be sufficient to remeber quickly what exactly the password is; and is safe too!

Password Clues - Password Hint(2)

This is all about this free Windows 8 Password Manager app. Let’s now have a quick look on its key features.

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Password Manager App:

  • Windows 8 app to store confidential passwords.
  • Lock all passwords using a master password.
  • Show individual passwords as a pattern hint; hides the exact password.
  • Beautiful UI.
  • Single screen app.
  • Simple and Easy to use.

The Final Verdict:

Password Clues is an amazing Windows 8 Password Manager app to store all your secret passwords information at a single place on your Windows 8 PC. It’s an app of its own kind and has praiseworthy features. If you have multiple accounts online, this app is a must try. Try it and share your views on it via comments.

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Get Password Clues here!