4 Free Windows 8 Photo To Sketch Converter Apps

Here is a list of 4 free Windows 8 Photo to Sketch Converter apps.

Turning photos into a pencil sketch makes them look really beautiful. And many of us like giving that sketchy effect to our photos. If you are also looking for a tool that can easily convert your photos into artistic sketches, you are at the right place. We have found some free Windows 8 Photo to Sketch Converter apps that lets you convert your digital images into beautiful sketches. All of these apps add a sketch effect to your photos in blink of an eye, each in its own way. So you have an option to see how each effect will look and go for the app of your choice. The sketches will be generated in high quality and can be saved to your local media.

Here we are going to cover Pencil Sketch, Sketch Photo, Photo Wand, and Stonify. These free Windows 8 Photo to Sketch Converter apps can be availed from the Photo category of Windows Store. If you find it difficult to locate the apps, you can also use Win+Q key combination to search for the apps using their names, or the links provided with the apps in this post to view them directly in Windows Store.

Let’s now begin with these apps.

Pencil Sketch:

Pencil Sketch

Pencil Sketch is a free Windows 8 Photo to Sketch Converter app that lets you easily convert your photos into artistic sketches. The app works simply by uploading the image from your system and then applying the sketch effect on one click. The app’s interface is minimal and the working of the app also, is very easy to understand. Though Pencil Sketch is extremely simple and easy to use, it would have been better if it had controls to adjust the level of the sketching effect for advanced users. Try it and see if you like it.

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Sketch Photo:

Sketch Photo

Next is Sketch Photo, another simple and quick to use Windows 8 Photo to Sketch Converter app that generates a classy stech look out of your digital image in a single click. Images can be imported from your local storage, your camera device, or even from your Facebook account. They will be converted to a professional stech just as they get loaded. After that, they can be easily saved on your PC, or posted directly to your Facebook wall. Download free and give it a try.

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Photo Wand:

 Photo Wand

Photo Wand is basically a image editing app that adds lot of cool effects to your photos with ease of a click. Out of these various effects, Sketch, Color Pencil, and Pencil are the three effects that can be used to give a sketchy look to your photos. The Sketch effect generates a colorful sketch out of your photo (as shows in the screenshot above), Color Pencil effect creates an impression as if the picture in the photo was drawn using color pencils, and Pencil effect generates a simple pencil sketch from your photo, similar to the other apps listed here. Photo Wand, is for no doubt the best Photo to Sketch Converter app for your Windows 8 PC.

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Stonify is kind of an Photo Effect app that applies a unique effect on your photo that gives a rocky feel of something carved or engraved. This effect looks much like a pencil sketch and hence can be considered as an alternative to apply sketch effect to photos. Though like the above three apps, Stonify also doesn’t have any controls or setting options to adjust the level of this effect, it can still be given a try to give an artistic look to your photos in just one click. Camera support is available. Try and see if it suits your needs.

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These were some best free Windows 8 Photo to Sketch Converter apps we have found. Hope you appreciate the collection. If you know about some similar or better app which is free, feel free to share with us via comments.