Windows 8 News App: Earthquakes 101

Earthquakes 101 is a free Windows 8 news app; available in the news section of Windows store. View the past news on earthquakes and get an alert if there is an upcoming Tsunami.

Earthquakes 101 is a news app to view the spots at which earthquakes have occurred; on a map. You can view information of earthquakes that occurred since the past 7 days. View the Richter scale readings also and the exact location at which earthquakes have occurred. This app is 4MB in size and requires an internet connection to keep you updated.

windows 8 news app

How To Use This Windows 8 News App on Earthquakes:

Earthquakes 101 is designed on a simple interface; like the one shown in above screenshot. You can view updated information on how many earthquakes have occurred during: last hour, past day, and past 7 days.

  • Last hour: In the last hour section, you can view the number of earthquakes that have occurred. Click on the category to view the Richter scale readings and the map location. You can also view the PAGER readings. PAGER is Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response and when PAGER reading is Green then there is no threat, Yellow then local red should be warned, Orange then national response, and Red then international response required.
  • Past day: In past day, you can view the earthquake spots that were affected by earthquakes. You can view the map’s location, distance up to which earthquake occurred, and the PAGER status.
  • Past 7 days: In past 7 days also you can view the maps, locations, same like above sections.


If you want to view all the spots at one time on a map, then right click on the app. You will see an option for world, click on it. then you can view earthquake spots on the world map like shown below. Choose settings option to change the sorting of earthquakes according to: date, magnitude, and distance or you can change the distance measurement in terms of: miles and kilometers.

earthquakes app

Features of Earthquakes 101:

Here are the features of Earthquake 101:

  • This Earthquakes 101 app is free.
  • Get information on how many earthquakes occurred in the past 7 days.
  • View the PAGER status updates in this app.
  • View the location of earthquake spots on maps.
  • View the app in snap mode as shown below.

earthquakes app snap mode

Installing Earthquakes 101 on Windows 8:

Click here (open in Internet explorer of Windows 8). View the app in Windows Store and install it from there.

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