Windows 8 Intel News App: Intel Software Adrenaline

Intel Software Adrenaline is a free Windows 8 Intel news app. Read news, videos related to Intel Corp and their new developments.

Intel Software Adrenaline is a magazine by Intel and this Windows 8 Intel news app is developed by Intel Corp. You can view reviews and articles on new mobile technologies, new software, technology, and Intel’s upcoming developments. This app needs and internet connection to update the news.

intel news app windows 8

About Windows 8 Intel News App:

Intel Software Adrenaline is a news app in which you can view the technology news related to Intel Corp. You can also view various article categories like: Ultrabook, tablets & smartphones, entertainment, and other categories. Let’s find out how to use this news app.

This Windows 8 Intel News app looks as shown in above screenshot. The app is distributed into two categories: Articles and videos.

  • Articles: In articles section, you can view various articles related to Intel Corp. If you want to read a detailed review, then just click on the news and you will see a full review. Right click on the screen of the news that you opened and you will find options like: home, categories, and favorite. Click on favorite to mark the news as your favorite. If you want to Search for news related to certain category, then just select the categories option and you will find categories like: Ultrabook, Smartphone & tablet, in the enterprise, platform & technology, expert insights, and entertainment. Choose the category you like and you can view news related to that category.
  • Videos: In videos section, you can view various news articles that can redirect you to YouTube videos; of Intel Corp on your browser. Or you can just read full reviews related to those videos.

intel software adrenaline news

Features of Intel Software Adrenaline:

Here are the features of Intel Software Adrenaline:

  • This Intel news app is free.
  • View news related to latest and upcoming technology of Intel.
  • View both articles and videos of Intel; using this app.
  • Read news related to categories that you like.
  • Mark your favorite news to view them later; when you want to.
  • View and read news from the app in Snap mode also (as shown below).

intel news app snap mode

Install Intel Software Adrenaline on Windows 8:

Open this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. View the app in Windows Store app and then install it from there; on your Windows 8.

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