Pocket Tanks: Windows 8 Games App

Pocket Tanks is a free Windows 8 games app; available in the games section of Windows Store. In this game, you have to shoot missiles at your opponent and you can play both single or double player mode.

Pocket tanks is a good artillery game, simple, and fun to play. You can play with your friends or against the computer and if you need some practice, then there is target practice mode also. Select the weapons that you want and fire at your enemies, with proper angle, power to defeat them. This app is 33MB and does not need an internet connection.

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Pocket Tanks Free Windows 8 Games App:

Pocket tanks is an addictive artillery game. Your tank will be placed in a battle field and mostly on a mountain. Your opponent may be placed on other side of mountain or on a plain platform (depends on your luck). Your tank is equipped with weapons and you have to adjust your angle and power to bring down the enemy; to win the game. Let’s see how to play the game.

Click on Play and you will be asked whether you want to play: 1 player, 2 player, and target practice.

  • 1 Player: In 1 player, you can change your name from 1 player to anything and choose the color of your tank. Then you can choose the difficulty level of the computer between 1 to 10. Then you are given chance to choose weapons and simultaneously the computer will choose weapons.
  • 2 Player: In two player, you and your friend gets to choose names and then color of the tank. Then simultaneously both of you get to choose weapons. Then the game starts and then you can start battling with your friend.
  • Target practice: In target practice, you can practice against a dummy tank; which can be operated by you.

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How To Play Pocket Tanks:

After the game begins, you can start shooting at your enemy. You have to adjust the angle by clicking on Angle and then click on power to adjust the power of firing. Click on weapons to choose the weapon that you want to fire. Then press Fire button (the first few shots you have to try your luck, later adjust it accordingly). There are weapons to determine the angle at which angle you can fire or to dig a hole at enemy’s side or make a magic wall in front of enemy to prevent from being shot. You can also move your tank; but only for four times.

pocket tanks game

Features of Pocket Tanks App:

Here are the features of Pocket Tanks App:

  • Pocket Tanks App is free.
  • 35 different weapons are available to choose.
  • Simple and tough strategy game.
  • You can play with computer or your friend.
  • A practice mode is also available for you.

Install Pocket tanks on Windows 8:

Open this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. View the app in Windows Store and install it from there; to play this one on one firing game.

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