Windows 8 Music App To Listen SkyDrive Music Without Downloading

SkyBeats, is a free Windows 8 music app to listen to the music saved in SkyDrive account. You’ll need to login with your Microsoft credentials first, then only you’ll get access to the music present in your SkyDrive account. Since, rather than downloading the music from SkyDrive, this app actually streams that music. So, in a way it’s a simple, lightweight Windows 8 app to listen online music, but only that stored in your SkyDrive account.

This Windows 8 music app is a real handy music player app, specially at those times when you have an internet with limited speed, and you don’t want to download the big piles of songs; in fact listen to them online rather than downloading them. Download this Windows 8 music app from the Music & Video Category from Windows Store.

 SkyBeats - playing song

Listen SkyDrive music without downloading them using this Windows 8 music app:

Like said above, this Windows 8 music app, sure is handy. Few good things to like about this Windows 8 music app includes the lightweight size of the app, because of which, it downloads fast and doesn’t occupies too much space in your Windows 8 system. The other plus points includes, it can work in any Windows 8 devices, and this includes touch as well as Windows 8 desktop and laptops. Besides that, the interface of the app is pretty simple and easy to work at. There are no Ads at all. This Windows 8 music app follows the same folder and file browsing method as every default Windows 8 app has.

SkyBeats - browsing for the songs

The app only recognizes music files and folders, and nothing else. Hence makes it easy for you to recognize music files and play them quickly. The music files includes those having Mp3 and Wav file formats. Simply browse through the folders to find the requisite music file and then simply click on it to start playing it. A very good thing that is missing from most of the Windows 8 music apps is the ability to keep playing the audio in background when you switch the app with another. This is not the case with this Windows 8 music app; that is the app keeps playing the song even when you switch it with another.

The app doesn’t has any option to upload music files, or the search option. Which kind of limits the functionality of the app. But to cover up this the app automatically updates its library the moment you upload any music file in SkyDrive. That is the sync between the app and SkyDrive is quite good. But since the app needs internet to work, so, to most of the part the app’s speed depends on your internet. Besides that, the app works fine without any lags or crashes.

Key Features of this Windows 8 music app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 music app.
  • Streams SkyDrive music in place of downloading music.
  • Works in all Windows 8 devices.
  • Simple clean interface.
  • Requires internet to work.

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Final Note:

SkyBeats, surely is a good Windows 8 music app. Though it needs some more improvements in terms of adding features like the ones mentioned above. Also there should be a sign-out button. Still, it’s a good start. It’s fast, easy, functional, and above all fulfills its purpose. No, doubt it gives a lot of flexibility to users to access the music from any Windows 8 device, from anywhere and at anytime. A good free Windows 8 app to try.

Grab SkyBeats here.

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