Windows 8 Running Game Free: Mister Jump

Mister Jump is free Windows 8 Running Game. The game is similar to the legendary Mario, in which you just have to run, jump, and collect rubbies (coins). Your main aim is to collect more rubbies while running. Jump on the guarding sea creatures like snails and crabs to kill them (avoid the fishes) or else your life is lost. Collect hundred rubbies and earn an extra life to play.

The game uses 15 levels. It is available for Windows 8 systems, phones, and other touch devices. You can use your Keyboard as well as the screen arrows to control Mister Jump. This Windows 8 Running game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Mister Jump

Let’s get you a better intro about what the game is.

Run and Jump in this Windows 8 Running Game

As you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Running Game, you firstly would have to tap the screen in order to start the game. When you click the screen the options that are available here for you will appear. From there you can see all the Instructions you have to follow while you run in this Windows 8 Running Game. Click the Start game option to start the game.

Mister Jumps- Game area

As you start the game, you would be given two lives, and as long as a life is available, you can restart without losing your score. Only your life and Bonus would be lost. But once you loose all the lives, the game would restart completely.

Avoid direct contact with the Guarding Creatures that appear while you run in this Windows 8 Running Game. You can either jump on them or can jump away from them to save yourself. Also keep in mind that for a particular area you have collected all the rubbies present there. This is because you can’t go back. While running , your Score, Bonus, Lives, Stage, and Time you are taking will appear.

Also, this Windows 8 Running Game gives you the capability to pause the game at anytime while playing. Use the circle with two parallel lines, that appears on the upper left corner of the game screen to pause at anytime.

Mister Jumps- Pause

As you reach the end of the level, new level would be unlocked.

Mister Jumps- Unlock new levels

The next levels would be slightly difficult from the previous level. As you get to the next level, your score, lives, and bonus would be saved.

Run and jump your way through 15 levels in this Windows 8 Running Game.

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Key Features of Mister Jump

  • Nice Interface: The interface of this Windows 8 Running Game is nice. It uses good quality retro graphics.
  • Freely available at Windows Store.
  • Support for Windows 8 enabled computers, phones and touch devices.
  • Use your keyboard or control it using the mouse.
  • Availability of 15 levels to run.

My Verdict on Mister Jump

I played myself and as per my experience, I would say it is a nice running game and deserves a try for sure.

Get Mister Jump here.