Windows 8 Multi Tool App To Calculate Bills, Convert Units, Do More

Handy Calcs is a Windows 8 Multi Tool app. You can use this app for various useful things. Calculate the bill part that has to be shared among various people of a group. Use it to convert currencies, and also to convert various measurement units used to measure quantities.

The app also has a tool to compare prices of different things. Handy Calcs is freely available in the Tools category of the Windows Store.

Handy Calcs

Using this free Windows 8 Multi Tool App

As you get to the main page of the app, all the tools will be shown to you. The main tools that are available are: Bill- Split, Bill- Individual, Price comparison, Shopping Tracker, Conversions, and Currencies.

Let me tell you about these tools:

Bill- Split

In this tool of this multi tool app, you can calculate the subtotal amount that you have to pay for anything. You can include tax and tip also. You can define the tax and tip in percentage or the actual amount. The tool can also be helpful to find the amount that has to be paid by each individual of a group. Here, just specify the number of people to find the share for each one.

Handy Calcs- Bill Split

Bill- Individual

You can use this option to calculate the total amount that is to be paid by any individual, by specifying the price, tax, and tip for the different commodities they are using. The app will give you the amount payable by each of the individual, and the amount payable in total  by them.

Handy Calcs- Bill individual

Price Comparison

You can use this option to compare the price of the individual units of the commodities. Just supply in the total price of the commodities, give the availed discount, and the number of units. The app will calculate the price of the individual unit of each of the commodity.

Handy Calcs- Price comparison


Use the conversions option given on the main menu to convert any value from one unit to another. Just choose a quantity for which you have to perform conversion, choose the units for converting, and specify the amount in the upper text box. After this, just click in the other text box, and the tool will give the conversion units.

Handy Calcs- Conversion


In the currency option, you can find the equivalent amount of any currency for any other currency. Just choose the  two currencies for conversions from the two available drop downs, and supply amount in any of the currency text boxes on the right side. As you click on the other text box, the app will convert the currency and show you the equivalent amount in that text box.

Handy Calcs- Currency

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Key Features of Handy Calcs

  • The app is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • A number of tools through a single app.
  • You can use it to find the share of bill for individual person of a group, also by including the tax and tip.
  • The app can be used to compare the price of single unit of each of the commodity used.

My Conclusion

According to my experience with the app, it’s quite a nice Windows 8 Multi Tool app. Give it a try for sure!

Get Handy Calcs here.