Windows 8 Calorie Calculator App Free: CaloriesCalculator

CaloriesCalculator is a free Windows 8 calorie calculator app that lets you calculate calories you burn in a specific time in routine activities or while doing various exercises. Using this free Windows 8 calorie calculator app, you can calculate calories burned in a given time period for a number of exercises like walking, aerobics, bicycling, dancing, jogging, and many more. The app also offers to calculate calories burned for very unusual exercises like digging, fishing, and hunting. You can even calculate calories burned in doing house work and laundry or simply while sleeping.

This free Windows 8 calorie calculator app is very informative and inspires the users to remain health conscious by letting them calculate the calories they burn while doing various exercises or in routine living. The app also talks about energy density of food, ways of reducing calories, top ten calorie burning exercises, and diet and exercise related tips to stay healthy.


CaloriesCalculator is freely available in Health & Fitness category of Windows Store. You can also view the app directly in Windows Store by clicking on the link given at the end.

Let’s see how you can use this free Windows 8 Calorie Calculator app.

Use this free Calorie Calculator app and know how much calories you burn:

CaloriesCalculator is a simple application that calculates energy burned in a specific time while doing various activities by providing minimal parameters like type of activity and weight.

To use this app, just install and launch it on your Windows 8 system. As you land on the app’s main screen, you will see the various categories as picture tiles, namely Calories Calculator, Energy Density, Reducing Calories, Exercises Cuts Calories, and Diet and Exercises Tips.

CaloriesCalculator - Main screen

Click on the first category Calories Calculator to calculate the calories you burn while doing an activity. Select an activity using the dropdown, fill in the desired time period for which you want to calculate the number of calories burnt, and your weight. Then press Calculate button. The number of calories you burn will be displayed instantly at the bottom of the screen.

The back arrow button on the top left corner of the screen will take you back to the main screen.

You can access other useful information, and tips regarding diet and exercises by clicking on relevant tiles displayed on the main screen. Or click on a category and use left and right headed arrows to navigate through various categories.

CaloriesCalculator - Exercises Cuts Calories category

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Calorie Calculator App:

  • Free Windows 8 Calorie Calculator app
  • Calculate calories burnt for a wide range of activities
  • Additional relevant information about diet tips and exercises displayed
  • Pleasing UI

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My Verdict:

CaloriesCalculator is a very useful Windows 8 free calculator app that will help you calculate calories you burn while doing a range of activities. A must try app for those who are conscious to know how many calorie they shed everyday while doing various activities. Do try it and share your feedback via comments.

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