Free Email Client For Windows 8: TouchMail

TouchMail is a free Email client for Windows 8 that lets you configure emails from a huge range of Email providers. The app when completely configured, shows you Emails in a tiled interface, and what’s more, you can also choose to display emails from particular senders. The app is a fully functional email client, and lets you compose and send messages through the email id that you set up within this app. The Metro feel to the app makes it look extremely native to the Windows 8 ecosystem.

You can download TouchMail for your Windows 8 device by clicking the link at the end of this review.

TouchMail icon

Setting up TouchMail

  • Grab this free email client for Windows 8 from the link at the end of the review. Now, launch it by clicking on its tile from the Start Screen. You will now be presented with an interface like the below screenshot.

TouchMail - Account Setup

  • In the above window, simply enter your name, your email address, and the password of that email address. Click Add.
  • Now, the app is all set up for use, and you will be able to see you mails.

TouchMail - Interface

  • To add another email account, click on your email id displayed at the top-left, click add, and add the account in the same way as you added the first account. The app supports a maximum of three email ids linked up.

TouchMail - Option to add other Accounts

Reading a Mail in the Inbox

Click on the mail that you wish to read. A detailed pane with the complete message with all the formatting will then be shown towards the right side of the screen.

TouchMail - Reading Email

You can perform quick actions here like deleting the mail, replying to the mail, flagging the mail or marking it as unread.

Composing a Mail in this Free Email Client for Windows 8

Click on the + button at the top left.

TouchMail - Composing a Mail

A compose message pane opens up at the right. Type the subject, email address to which you want to send, contents of the mail, and then click on the Send button. You can also Discard the message if you wish to.

Features of this Free Email Client for Windows 8

  • The app shows emails in tiled view, making it more native to Windows 8 environment.
  • You can sort the emails from a particular sender and choose to view emails to and from that sender only. To do this, open the control bar by right clicking and choose the sender from whom you wish to view the emails from.

TouchMail - Choosing a Sender

  • The size of the email tiles can be adjusted. You can increase or decrease the size of tiles through pinch zoom (on touchscreen devices or on multi touch supported touchpads), or on non touch devices, you can change the size by the magnifying glass at the top right. Click zoom in to increase the size and zoom out to decrease the size.


TouchMail is an awesome Email client app for Windows 8 devices to fetch your emails, read them, or even reply. The app effectively cuts down the need for using Microsoft Outlook as it supports setting up and using multiple email accounts as well. Also the fact that it’s very lightweight and ad free adds to the sweet icing on the cake!

Get TouchMail here.