Windows 8 Math Game App Free – Equations – The Math Game

Equations – The Math Game is a free Windows 8 Math Game app that lets you test and sharpen your math skills. In this free Windows 8 Math Game app, you will find some math equations. You have to slide controllers till the equation gets true. The app offers twelve free levels of varying difficulty. You can solve equations and score points. You can also compare your high scores with your friends.

This free Windows 8 Math Game app looks simple but it’s actually not. Initially you start with a little simple equations but as you move on, the calculations become quite heavy. Though you have to crack equations of simple addition and subtraction, but the slider with pre-assigned digits make it a challenge to arrive at the accurate solution. The first level is open to play initially, and you have to successfully complete a level to unlock and play the successive level.

Equations- The Math Game - Game Play

Equations – The Math Game app is freely available in Games category of Windows Store.  To view the app directly in Windows Store, you can click on the link given below at the end. Let’s see how to play this free Windows 8 Math Game app.

Test and sharpen your math skills with this free Windows 8 Math Game app:

To play this simple yet challenging Math Game, first install it on your Windows 8 PC. The app is very handy and won’t take much time to get installed on your system. As you launch the app, the Start screen will show you various levels. Only the first level will be unlocked to play initially. Click on it to start playing the game.

Equations - The Math Game - Start screen

The next screen will display an incorrect equation with two sliders. Below the equation, Check and Solution buttons will be placed.  You will have to drag these sliders up or down to adjust the numbers till the combinations of numbers get you the right answer. Click on Check option displayed below the equation, to submit your answer. The app will display if your answer is right or wrong.

If your solution is correct, you can click on New Task button displayed below the equation to move to the next level. However, if you submit a wrong solution, you can click on Solution button to know the correct answer.

Each level displays 10 equations to solve. The information about the level number and solved equations status will be displayed on the top right corner of the game play screen.

You can also create your high scores account, submit your scores, and compare them with your friends’ high scores.

Equations -The Math Game - Creating Highscores account

Key Features of This Free Windows 8 Math Game App

  • Free Windows 8 Math Game app
  • Lets you test and sharpen your math skills
  • Offers to solve equations and score points
  • Twelve free levels to play with increased level of difficulty
  • Each level contains ten equations to solve
  • High Scores ranking feature

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My Verdict

Equations – The Math Game is a nice Math Game app, especially for those who enjoy maths. Sliders with preset numbers make the game actually challenging. Go ahead, try cracking the equations in the game and score points. Share your feedback via comments.

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