Windows 8 Guessing Game App Free: Guess The Color HD

Guess The Color HD is a free Windows 8 guessing game app, in which you have to identify the names of some familiar logos, characters, places, and objects by gradually guessing their colors. The game offers 8 levels to play, with varying level of difficulty. Each level contains some high-resolution pictures that corresponds to some logo, brand name, or character you see on daily basis. You would have to guess the names of a specific number of pictures to clear one level (like 50 out of 64), and unlock the next. Limited tries would be given to guess the colors, though you can easily earn more throughout the game. The challenge is to identify all the names and unlock every level available within this free Windows 8 guessing game app.

Guess The Color HD is available under Games category in Windows Store. You can also use the link given at the end of this article to view the app directly in Widows Store. Let’s have a look on how to play the game.

Guess The Color HD - Guessing Character

Take Challenge and Guess all the Names in Guess The Color HD:

Once you install and launch the app, you would be taken to the first screen where you would have to click on Play button to begin the game. After that, you would be taken to the second screen, where levels would be listed from 1 to 8. In the beginning, only the first level is unlocked for you. Clearing that would unlock the next level, and likewise, all the levels of the game.

Guess The Color HD - Levels

To start playing, click on the unlocked level and you would be taken to the third screen where all the pictures within that level would be displayed. Now you can click on any picture to try guessing its name. When you click on any particular picture, you would be taken to the fourth screen (which is also the final screen in the app), where the picture appears in a larger view, along with some colors and a slight hint to make a quick guess.

Guess The Color HD - Available Pictures

Just click on the colors one by one to fill them in the entire picture. Every wrong guess would reduce a try, and every right guess would take you one step closer to the answer. You can take hints if you need, or use your starts (limited) to get instant answers.

If all your tries would be used, you can get more from the store or wait for a while to get to the Spinning Wheel screen. On this screen, you can spin a wheel and win more tries to guess the colors.

Guess The Color HD - Spinning Wheel

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Guessing Game App:

  • Free Windows 8 guessing game app.
  • Multiple levels to unlock.
  • High-resolution pictures.
  • Interesting and fun to play.
  • Hints and sufficient tries available.
  • Spinning wheel to get more tries for free.

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The Final Verdict:

Guess The Color HD is a very enjoyable guessing game app, both for kids and for adults. The only thing I didn’t like about the app were the annoying ads on all of its screens.

If you want to check how good you are in remembering things you see on daily basis, give this game app a try. Don’t forget to tell us how much you like it, via comments.

Get Guess The Color HD here!