Windows 8 Dictionary App Free: Urban Dictionary Plus

Urban Dictionary Plus is a free Windows 8 Dictionary app. You can use it to get meanings to the words  and slangs that are mostly used online while you are playing games, or are chatting with others. The Definitions of the words present here, are given by the users of

With Urban Dictionary Plus, you don’t have to worry again if you encounter any new word or slang while you are working online. You are provided with the facility to search for the words, by the app itself. Also, there is an option to share them with the people over the internet.

Urban Dictionary Plus

Urban Dictionary app is freely available in the Social category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 Dictionary App

As you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Dictionary app, after launching it, new words available from will appear in front of you, in a panel. As you click on any word given there, its definition, and the use of the word in a sentence is given, using which you would be able to understand the word, or that slang.

Urban Dictionary Plus- definition and use

In this free Windows 8 Dictionary app, you also get the capability to search for the word or  any slang. For that use the search option of the app. For getting to the search option of the app, use the bottom flyout of the app. The Bottom flyout will appear if you right click anywhere on the application’s interface.

Urdan Dictionary Plus- Search

As you use this option of Urban Dictionary Plus, you would be taken to the Windows search charm. Here, just mention the word or slang  in the text box provided and the app will show you various definitions that are given by the regular users of There are a number of matches available here, so you can find the relevant meaning by searching it through the drop down that is available here.

Along with this, from the bottom flyout of the app, you can use the Share option to share the searches that you have made using the app. You can send the link over the internet, and the other user can open it in his browser.

The app gives you the ability to update your knowledge-base about random words. For that, you can use the Random words option from the bottom flyout.

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Key Features of Urban Dictionary Plus

  • This free Windows 8 Dictionary app is freely available n the Windows Store.
  • The Interface of the app is quite nice.
  • Find the meanings for the words, or slangs easily.
  • Share and search for the words easily.

My Verdict

Urban Dictionary Plus is a nice Windows 8 Dictionary App. You can use it to find meanings for words, and slangs that are mostly used online in chats, and games, which is why I would really recommend it.

Get Urban Dictionary Plus here.