Windows 8 File Recovery Software

Orion is a free Windows 8 file recovery software that enables you to recover deleted files, photos, or pictures found on your system’s hard drive.

Now, the good part about this software for Windows 8 is that along with retrieving deleted files on your system, the software also recover files found on any portable or any external drive that has been connected to your Windows 8 PC.

Losing all the important data all of a sudden is just so worst situation for a businessman and for people who have saved a large bundle of old memories in their system. Orion is a good utility Windows 8 file recovery software. The freeware for Windows 8 comes up with a useful wizard that helps you throughout the search process. Your searches can be on the basis of the file type, file name, location, etc.

In addition, you can also scan drives one by one, scan external drives including memory cards & pen drives, overwrite a selected file. Well, let me quickly jot down the main features of this Windows 8 software below.

Features Of Windows 8 File Recovery Software:

  • Lets you recover deleted files found on your system’s hard drive. and on any portable device such as USB drive or memory card.
  • Comes up with an option of filtered file searching.
  • Lets you scan hard drives, and external devices.
  • Enables you to overwrite deleted files.
  • It’s completely free.
  • Works absolutely well with Windows 8.

How To Install Orion File Recovery Software In Windows 8:

  1. Just Download the Orion software.
  2. Click on the downloaded setup to run the software
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions in order to install the software.
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Yupp…you have successfully installed the file recovery software for Windows 8. Go ahead and try it yourself now…