Windows 8 Education App

Windows 8 Education App is a nice platform for students to learn in an interesting manner. The education Windows 8 app offers free online educational videos for subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Current Economics, Astronomy, Geography, History, computers & programming and more.

If you are looking for a nice and easy way to learn those subjects then Windows 8 Education App will help you in learning the basics as well as some of the advance stuff. Education App is available for free under ‘Education’ category of Windows Store.

Soon after launching this education app for Windows 8, you will be presented similar interface as in screenshot placed below.

Online education windows 8

On the top section of this Windows 8 education app interface are two buttons ‘recent’ and ‘view all’. On clicking on later, you will be presented the list of available subject.

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Studying With Windows 8 Education App:

  • Studying here is quite fun. All you need is to browser content across various categories, watch videos and take the tests. Each major subject is further divided into
  • Click on videos and it will be played for you.


  • The playback can be played and paused as per requirement.
  • It is most likely that you might not understand each an everything being explained the video. The simple suggestion by my side is to replay the videos and look for detail that you missed. In addition, it is a good strategy to watch videos in sequential manner i.e. avoid skipping & skimming.

* It must be taken into consideration that this app is still in expansion phase and new subjects and tutorials are added from time to time.


  • Broader content coverage i.e. offers tutorials for multiple subjects.
  • New content is uploaded frequently.
  • 100% free online application.


Installation process is quick and easy where you need to click in this link (use Internet Explorer 10 or Advance). Then proceed by clicking on ‘View in Windows Store bitten’ to open Windows 8 Education App overview page. Installing this 14 MB app will not require much time.

Windows 8 Education App is one of the very few apps in Windows Store that really help.  I recommend it whole heartedly. KhanAcademy is another educational application that I can recommend without any hesitation.