Facebook Friends: Facebook Client For Windows 8

Facebook Friends is a nice Facebook client for Windows 8. The Facebook client Windows 8 app makes it easier for you to access your Facebook feed, friends profile, your events, photos and events. You can easily access the activities by your Facebook friends. Also, you can like and comment on those interesting posts, shared links and images.

This Windows 8 Facebook client App is 100% to use and you don’t require investing a single penny.

Using Facebook Friends Windows 8 App:

Have a look on the points stated below.

  • On launching the application for first time, you will be presented the Facebook login interface. Now, enter your valid Facebook credentials to login.
  • Soon after login you will be asked to authorize Facebook Friends Windows 8 App to access your data. To proceed you will need to click on ‘login’ button. Next, you will be asked to prompted for granting a few extended permissions. Now, click on ‘allow’ button in order to continue.
  • Once you are done with the tasks stated above; the new interface will load showing data from under headings like ‘Feed’, ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, and ‘Events’.  Facebook-friends
  • Now, you can click on particular heading to view details. (Feed, photos, friends,events).
  • On clicking on ‘Feeds’ button you will be presented your feed with latest stories.


  • Click on an individual story and soon it will be displayed in the section to the right. You can press the ‘like’ or ‘comment’ button as desired.
  • To access your latest stories you will need to click on ‘refresh’ icon placed on top. Adjacent to is the button to create compose new post.
  • On clicking the ‘fronds’ you will be able to view profiles of your Facebook finds. In same manner you can click on ‘Photos’ button to browse across your folders and photos in them.
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Facebook Friends Windows 8 Facebook client app application can be easily located under Social section in Store. You can easily install by opening this link in IE 10 or later. Next, double-click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button.  Then chick on ‘install’ button on overview page to install this light weight 219 KB application.

Facebook Friends Windows 8 App is definitely the stuff to try. It is perhaps the best non-official Facebook client for Windows 8. Here, you are provided a quite complete experience. Facebook Touch is another Facebook client that you can try.