Windows 8 Chess App: Chess4All

Chess4All is a free Windows 8 chess app. Using this app, you can play chess with a: computer, friend, or against online players.

Chess4All is available in the games section of Windows Store. Using this app you can: play chess, learn how to play chess, and review the games that you have played. You can add buddies and play online with them or you can play offline with your friends or with computer. The download size of the game is 4MB and needs an internet connection for online games.


How To Play Chess On Windows 8:

Chess4All is an interesting and all in one Windows 8 chess app. You can play with other players or computers, learn to play chess, or review the matches you have played. Let’s see how we can use this chess app on Windows 8.

The main page of the app looks like shown in the above screenshot. The three sections of the app are: play, learn, and review.

  • Play: In play section: you can play against computer, side by side with other player, online, or with buddies. Choose the category you want and play with your friends or with online players. In buddies section, you can play with friends who are connected to the server. So, after you have played with your friends online, add them to your buddy list; so that they are visible in this section from next time.
  • Learn: In learn section, you can learn how to play chess. There are categories like: how to play, puzzles, lectures, and observe online. In these sections you can learn from pre defined lessons, learn from online lessons, solve puzzles, and attend lectures on chess game play.
  • Review: You can review the games that you have saved for future reference. You can review games that you have played with computer or online players; step by step.

chess app windows 8

The interface of the game looks like above screenshot. You can view every step progress on the right side of the chessboard. You can view the timer also. Right click on the game, then you will find options like: new, undo, and hint. Use undo option to go a step back. Use new option to start a new game and hint option to take help from the computer. After the game is complete right click on the interface, then you will find an option to save. When you save the game, you can see it in the review section.

Features of Windows 8 Chess App:

Below are the features of Windows 8 Chess app:

  • This chess game app is free.
  • You can highlight moves and undo also.
  • You can play online with any random player.
  • You can learn chess from this app and play chess puzzles also.
  • You can save games and review them later.
  • Use the app in snap mode as shown below.

chess app windows 8 snap mode

Install Chess4All on Windows 8:

Open this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. View the app and install it using the view option in the website.

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