Free Windows 8 Sports App: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a free Windows 8 sports app. Using this app you can view: scores of games, news, pictures, and much more; of all sport events.

Sports Illustrated is an official app by the Sports Illustrated Website. Using this app: you can get the latest scores, Tweets, news, blog posts, videos, etc. of various sports and leagues. You can also create filters to view news on certain sports only. This app needs an internet connection to work constantly.

sports app windows 8

Details of Windows 8 Sports App:

Sports Illustrated is a sports news app for Windows 8. You can view the latest events and happenings of sport events on your Windows 8. You can create filters for: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, Soccer, and MMA. Just right click on the screen of the app, and below the app you will see all these categories (as shown in below screenshot). Then highlight the games that you like and you will get the news of those games.

sports illustrated

The main page itself shows the scores of the latest happening games. Let’s see more details of the Windows 8 Sports app. The main page of the app looks like shown in above screenshot. The app is divided into categories like: scores, featured, top stories, Twitter, SI writers, the 8 debate, photo galleries, tracking blog, truth & rumors, and videos.

  • Scores: In scores section, you can view the scores of the latest games.
  • Featured: In featured section, the app will show featured articles on sports.
  • Top stories: In this section, you can view the hot events of games.
  • Twitter: In Twitter section, you can see the latest Tweets from SInow’s Twitter stream.
  • SI writers: Here, you can view articles written by Sports Illustrated writers.
  • The 8 Debate: Here, you can view the greatest Super bowl commercials.
  • Photo galleries: In this section, you can view the photos of various sport events.
  • Tracking Blog: In this section, you can view the blog posts of SI.
  • Truth & Rumors: In this category, you can view news on Sports.
  • Videos: View various videos on game events.

windows 8 sports app

Features of Sports Illustrated App:

Here are the features of Sports Illustrated app:

  • This Windows 8 Sports app is free.
  • You can create filters to show news on sports of your interest.
  • Get Twitter tweets from SINow’s twitter stream.
  • You can watch: videos, news, photos, etc. using this single app.
  • View the app in Snap mode also.

sports illustrated snap mode

Installing Sports Illustrated App on Windows 8:

You can find this Windows 8 sports app in Sports section of Windows store. You can also open this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8 and view the app in Windows Store directly. Install it from there and start using Sports Illustrated on Windows 8.

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