Free Windows 8 Video Sharing App: Givit

Givit is a free Windows 8 video sharing app. Share videos: with your friends, on Facebook, YouTube, mails, smart phones, etc. using Givit App on Windows 8.

Givit is a simple video sharing app for Windows 8. You can record videos: with your webcam, upload videos from your Windows 8 device, attach a text message, and send it to others’ mails. You can also backup videos in Givit cloud storage. This app is completely free and needs an internet connection to keep it running.


Givit The Free Windows 8 Video Sharing App:

Givit is solely dedicated to sharing videos with others: through mails, on Facebook, or on YouTube. You can record your own videos or upload videos from your Windows 8 and send them to your friends. Let’s see how to use this app on Windows 8.

Create a login with an email in the app itself (this helps you in utilizing the full features of Givit). The main interface of the app looks like the above screenshot. There are various sections like: Getting started, drafts, inbox, notifications, and in Givit.

  • Getting Started: In getting Started section you can: Start a new message, send a video, or record a video.
  • Drafts: In drafts you can see the unsent messages, that are stored in your Givit account.
  • Inbox: Inbox section shows the drafts and messages that are in your Givit inbox.
  • Notifications: This section shows the unread mails or any other notifications.
  • In Givit: This shows the featured videos of Givit.

Open any video on Givit and you will see options like: share on Facebook, YouTube, delete, and add to message.

Recording a video: Just click on record a video or right click on the app to view record option. Then if you have a webcam installed on your Windows 8, it will show the video as shown below). Below you can see options like: camera options and timer.

camera options on givit

In camera options, you can change: video resolution, brightness, contrast, etc. Then after you are done. Just click on the screen and the recording will take place; till your next click. Then video editing options will appear like shown below. You can trim or retake the video.

givit videos edit

Now for sending message, click on Send message option. Then you will see the interface as shown below. You can add email id’s, message, and videos from computer or Givit account. You can also choose options like: allow reshare or allow download.

givit send messages

Features of Givit App:

Here are the features of Givit App:

  • Givit app is free on Windows 8.
  • Share videos on Facebook or YouTube.
  • Record videos with your webcam.
  • You can send text messages along with videos to your friends.
  • The content that you create on Givit is stored in Givit Cloud storage.
  • Use the app in Snap mode also.

givit snap mode

Install Givit On Windows 8:

Givit is available in the Music & Video section of Windows 8. Open this link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8. From there you can navigate to Windows Store on Windows 8 and install it.

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