Windows 8 Break Reminder App Free: Eyes Care

Eyes Care is a free Windows 8 break reminder app that reminds you of taking short breaks at regular intervals while working on computer. The app displays a notification every hour for taking a break of at least 5 minutes; however, you can easily change these time durations to suit your need. During the break time, you can follow some eye exercises suggested by the app itself, to keep your eyes strain free. Reminders can be of three types: a simple text notification, a notification with image, or a notification with looping sound. You can choose to display a custom message in the reminder and can preview it to see how it works.

Eyes Care is available as a freeware and can be downloaded easily from the Tools category of Windows Store, or using the link given at the end of this article. Let’s get you a better idea about the app.

Eyes Care Reminder

Get Timely Reminders to take Breaks during Work with Eyes Care:

Eyes Care is extremely simple and easy to use. The very first time you launch the app, you would have to configure it to set your preferences for the reminder. This free Windows 8 break reminder app is a single screen app that consists of some instructions on the left side of the screen and some options to set reminders on the right side. These include the Remaining Time (for break), the Break Time, Number of Notifications, Notification Time, and Notification Message. By default some values would be filled; you can leave them as it is or change them as your need.

Eyes Care Screen

Once you are all set, you can click the Start button and click “Allow” in the prompt that appears. This would set the reminder and start displaying break notifications on your screen at the set interval.

To preview the reminder, you can click on the Preview button and to view exercises, you can click on Eye Exercises and Tips button below the instructions on the left.

Eye Tips and Exercises

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Break Reminder app:

  • Free break reminder app for Windows 8.
  • Different type of reminders to choose from.
  • Adjustable time slots.
  • Customizable reminder message.
  • Eye exercises and tips available.
  • Simple and easy to use.

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The Final Verdict:

Eyes Care is a very nice Windows 8 break reminder app for all those who need to spend hours working on computer. The app effectively reminds of taking short breaks, as well as advices some good eye exercises to lessen some amount of eye strain. A must try for all Windows 8 workaholic users.

Get Eyes Care here!