3 Free Windows 8 Christmas Countdown Apps For Year 2013

Here is a list of 3 free Christmas Countdown apps for Windows 8.

Christmas is approaching, and in this festive season we have found some really nice Christmas Countdown apps for you that reminds you of the time left in Christmas while you stay busy working on your Windows 8 system. These apps help in keeping count of the upcoming Christmas and provide live tile support to get updated about Christmas time as soon as you get to the Start screen. Some of them even plays a music in background, and some are available in beautiful themes to get you into a Christmas spirit.

So let’s check out these wonderful Christmas Countdown apps before the time slips away. Have a look.

Christmas Countdown Free:

Christmas Countdown Free

Christmas Countdown Free is a free Windows 8 app that calculates the time left in Christmas in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. The app displays the countdown on a solid background showing animated snowfall. The color of the background can be adjusted among 4 available options. Apart form that, the app offers three different live tile options, which displays a “Merry Christmas!” message on Christmas day. The app also works in Snap mode.

Christmas Countdown Free is minimal and nice, and can be downloaded free of cost using from the Entertainment category in Windows Store, or using the link give below.

Click here to get Christmas Countdown free.

Xmas Clock:

Xmas Clock

Xmas Clock is another free Windows 8 app that would get you into Christmas spirits! The app not only displays how much time is left until Christmas, but also plays a very melodious background music that adds a Christmas feel to your workplace. The time is displayed in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Live tile support is available.

Though there are not much options available within the app, it’s good enough to keep yourself reminded of the upcoming Christmas. Xmas Clock is available under the Entertainment category of Windows Store or can be downloaded using the link given below.

Click here to get Xmas Clock free.

The Christmas Countdown:

The Christmas Countdown

Next is The Christmas Countdown, a simple yet beautiful Windows 8 app to keep count of the time left until Christmas. This is a single screen app that displays the time in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Live tile support is not available and no additional options are provided. However, if you just want to keep an app running in corner where you can anytime see how much time is left for Christmas to arrive, this app is for you. Background picture perfectly adds to the Christmas theme and the placement of the text on a partially-transparent background makes the app look more appealing.

Find The Christmas Countdown in the Lifestyle category in Windows Store, or get it using the link given below.

Get The Christmas Countdown here!      

These were some best free Christmas Countdown clocks for your Windows 8 PC. Install now and see which one please you most. Do share your feedback and suggestions via comments.

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