Use Your Eyes To Control Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 lets you use your eyes to control Windows 8. Here is how to control Windows 8 using your eyes. You will just require a special webcam which will act as the eye control device and let you control mouse movements and mouse clicks using your eyes.

A new software has been developed by a company named Tobii. This company specializes in eye tracking technology. With the help of eye tracking software developed by them, you can control your Windows 8 PC using your eyes.


[Image Source: here]

A special webcam is required which acts as the eye control device. The software developed by Tobii is integrated to work with this device. One you connect the eye control device to your Windows 8 PC and install the eye tracking software your computer is ready to follow your eye-ball movements. The eye tracking software detects at which particular point on the screen you are gazing at. If there happens to be an app at that particular point, you can launch the app though your eyes.

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This is definitely a great advantage over touch screen and other method of operating a PC. You don’t need to touch your screen and make it dirty. You can just sit back, put your hands in your pocket and control your computer thorough your eyes. This is going to be the technology of the future, and we can expect eye control system for other devices like mobiles, tablets etc.