Free Windows 8 Infographic

Here is a complete Windows 8 Infographic to know the fundamentals of Windows 8. You can also share Windows 8 Infographic with your friends so that they can learn about the important features of Windows 8 in the shortest possible time span.

The Windows 8 infographic is designed by Windows8update team. It presents the news and information about Windows 8 in a comprehensive and lucid way. Windows 8 Infographic consists of brief of few important features. The features are classified under the following headings :

  • Metro Interface
  • Faster Boot Process
  • Unified Interface for various platforms
  • Better Operating system security as well as Pre-OS security
  • Various improvements in Windows explorer
  • Improvements and features which are added to the new internet explorer 10
  • Hyper-V for Windows 8 PC
  • Downloadable OS install
  • Windows 2 Go
  • Robust USB 3.0 support in the new Windows
  • Advanced file management features
  • Various search options like app search, settings search and file search
  • User profile portability
  • Integration with skydive
  • Picture Password
  • Windows store
  • Support for large disks
  • Easier access to iso and vhd files
  • Minimizing restarts
  • Advanced battery management
  • Multi processor support
  • And finally, the release date of Windows 8 user version.

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