Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft’s next version of Internet Browser is Internet Explorer 10  i.e. IE 10 which is currently under development process. It is the successor of Internet Explorer 9. First preview of IE 10 was displayed by Microsoft on April 2011 in MIX conference, Las Vegas. IE 10 will be compatible only with Windows 7 and later version of it. IE 10 is mainly an expansion of IE 9 to take up new features like CSS uptake and hardware acceleration. Internet Explorer 10 will be divided into two parts with different user interfaces.

  • Metro interface UI for Windows 8 which will not support any browser plug-in
  • Traditional IE for Windows which will be similar to IE 9

Internet Explorer 10 developer preview released on Sept 13, 2011 has many notable features:-

  • CSS 3D Transforms and hardware accelerated text shadows.
  • SVG (Scalable vector graphics) Filter effects for rich and interactive content.
  • Spell checking and Auto-correction.
  • Local storage with indexed data base for browsing website when network isn’t available
  • HTML 5 Application cache, drag drop and form support
  • Web sockets for real-time notification on web browser
  • InPrivate tabs

Performance IE 10 seems to very much improved than the previous versions it will be good for users who work on systems default browser. When compared to other internet browsers like Chrome, Mozilla or Opera, IE 10 has the best JavaScript performance. HTML Sandbox and frame isolation support are some added features in IE 10 regarding security.