Top 2 Free Music Maker Apps

Here are top 2 free music maker apps available under the ‘Music & Video’ category of Windows 8 app store. There Windows 8 music apps let you compose your own music by using various musical instruments available in these apps.

If you have a passion of making music, then these are the apps for you. Let me quickly introduce with the name of each music maker app below:

  • Music Maker Jam
  • Grantophone

Lets get started with the details below..

Music Maker Jam

One of the most popular music maker apps that lets you make your own music with fun, using professionally produced music styles and loops such as Tech House, Dubstep, Jazz, etc. You an easily add music effects to your songs in real-time, adjust the keys, get studio experience in on your Windows 8 system. You can also mix various tracks, record your music as an MP3 file. Once you are done, you can now save and share your track with your friends. Read more about Music Maker Jam or simply download it from Windows 8 Store.

Note: Maker sure that you open this link in IE10 only.


Yet another popular Windows 8 music maker app, Grantophone. Available under the ‘Music & Video’ category, this music maker for Windows 8 lets you use a number of professional music styles to play around with creating a music. You can browse through different parameters to create a large number of peaceful and amazing sounds.

If you are not much into composing music, but still you want to experience the music loops, then just use it as a personal harmonium, piano, synthesizer. Read more about Grantophone or just download it from the app store now.