2 Websites To Download Windows 8 Wallpapers

Here are 2 websites to download Windows 8 wallpapers. Microsoft is finally ready to release the Pro version of the long-awaited Windows 8 OS (later this month). The searching for Windows 8 wallpapers are increasing everyday, of course because more and more people are moving towards the very latest OS. Hence, I decided to look for a couple of websites that provide a number of cool wallpapers for Windows 8 system.

Below given are the two websites that brings you both official and unofficial Windows 8 wallpapers to keep your Windows 8 desktop fresh and lively everyday. However, the most disappointing part here in downloading these wallpapers is that you can not download all the wallpapers in one go. The websites allow you to download one by one. Nonetheless, as long as the wallpapers are making your Windows 8 desktop beautiful everyday, I think I wont mind giving them extra few minutes. Let me give you a brief description of each website below:

50 Cool Free Windows 8 Wallpapers:

Windows 8 wallpapers

At PS Delux, you will find 50 colorful and lively wallpapers for Windows 8 system. They have actually collected a number of lively wallpapers from various sources and have placed them beautifully at one location. There are dark wallpapers, beautiful blue, green, and other colorful in the collection. You need to scroll the mouse wheel (or use the horizontal scroll bar) towards the bottom to view all the wallpapers.

To download a wallpaper, click on one ? this will open the wallpaper in a new tab, in full-screen mode ? right click on the wallpaper ? click on ‘Save Image As’. You are done.

Now to set the image as wallpaper, just go onto the ‘Personalization’ window ? click on ‘desktop background’ ? click on ‘Browse’ option ? select the ‘Desktop’ option (in case you have saved the image on the desktop) to retrieve the desktop images. This will add all your desktop images and now you can select the one you want ? save the changes. It’s over.. check out your refreshing desktop now.

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25 Coolest Windows 8 Wallpapers:

Wallpapers for Windows 8

The availability of wallpapers for Windows 8 is very less, as the OS is not only new but also has a very new interface. Hence, websites are collecting Windows 8 wallpapers from various sources and sticking them in at one place. The wallpapers placed in this websites are very colorful and rejoicing. You can have wallpapers with hazel background, a business theme, mysterious clouds wallpaper, nature green, fish Windows 8 wallpaper, colorful glasses wallpaper for Windows 8, and many more. However, again here you can not download all the wallpapers at once. You need to click on one to open in a new page and then download it. Like the way I explained in the above website.

Again you need to follow the same instructions in order to download and set an image as a wallpaper. So, get the beautifully designed wallpapers from these websites and change your Windows 8 desktop look everyday. Go ahead and download Windows 8 wallpapers now. You can also check out our post on tool to Change Windows 8 Wallpaper Automatically.