Stroop Attack: Free Windows 8 Word Game App

Stroop Attack is a free Windows 8 word game app which will totally wobble your mind with words and colors. You don’t need to be an artist to play this word game. You just need common sense and unremitting attention to play this Windows 8 game app because it becomes a bit difficult to play this game for Windows 8 after a while as it goes far.

It becomes really important to pay attention while answering the right option because as the time runs out, you have to forfeit the game in between. Yes, that’s why this Windows 8 word game app becomes a bit convoluted as it goes far. You have to try Stroop Attack by yourself. It is simple but with a little twist.


The game app for Windows 8 begins with two options with two very different color. You have to choose which color is asked by the game. Sounds quite simple na? Well, it’s not.

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Basically, the twist here is that there will be two type of questions WORD or COLOR. If the caption above is WORD then you have to choose the word which tells you the color.


And, the second twist is if there is a COLOR caption above, then you have to choose the color of the text provided to you. It doesn’t matters what the text signifies.

So, this is how you can play this Stroop Attack game. Just install this Windows 8 word game app and have fun with this mind wobbling game…