Chromazone: Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game App

Chromazone is a free Windows 8 puzzle game app which belongs to the Game section. It’s a simple puzzle game app for Windows 8 with a more than simple game play. You don’t have to apply your mind. You just have to press your mouse button on some random button, and you are good to go with it.

Just have your eyes open and play this puzzle game for Windows 8, you will definitely enjoy it. It a real pass time game who gets bored with their office meetings or those who are bored with their daily lecture sessions. Just have a great time playing this Windows 8 puzzle game and have fun. This colorful game is a novel board game which is quite easy to play.


You can see this game over here. Well it’s not that convoluted as you are thinking. These random colors are nothing but a part of this game. you just have to click on these colors and create your high score.

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The rules are quite simple and straight forward for this Windows 8 game app. You just have to capture whole grid with maximum number of colors. Complete the grid by clicking a color which is greater in number surrounding the black grid. Just click on the maximum number of like colors and acquire the highest score on the charts.


This is how you complete the game by covering the whole grid and achieving your high score. The score is divided by every move you take and you can achieve your high score by covering the grid.

Go ahead and install this simple Windows 8 App and have fun with it.