Jopii: Free Windows 8 Kids App

Jopii is a free Windows 8 kids App which is actually meant for kids. It’s an easy mental exercise for kids so that they can have fun with some mental exercise.

This is a kind of Windows 8 app that you should install on your Windows 8 desktop make your children smart and sharp with little fun. This game app for Windows 8 consist of 4 distinguished domain namely Memo, Paint, Match and Motion. You can switch one at a time and can have fun with some learning. You don’t need any Internet access, you just have to download and you are ready to go. You can let your kids play with this Windows 8 kids app and can teach something new everyday. You can memorize stuffs by playing the Memo game on Jopii and can also paint pictures with a paint brush.


You can see the interface over here. You just have to switch on one of the options and can have fun with it. You can also play match the following with a word and a related picture to that particular word. And there are a number of interesting games in this Windows 8 kids app.

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This is how you are going to play the Match game with Jopii on different levels with Easy, Medium, Hard and Genius. And you can also play with various sounds which you can listen and match it to the respective option.


You can see how the Paint helps you to fill colors in a picture with this magic paint brush and you can also use this auto fill option and you can also use stamps and can add small pictures to a scenery. And, there are lots of other kind of things you can do with Jopii.

Go ahead and install this Windows 8 kids app on your Windows 8 desktop and have your kids learn something with a lot of fun.