Metrovexed: Free Windows 8 Puzzle App

Metrovexed is a free Windows 8 puzzle app that has been taken from the ‘Entertainment’ section of Windows 8 store, but technically its a game. And it is meant to entertain you.

This is a simple and easy to play game app for Windows 8 but not that easy to anticipate that what kind of situation will you be facing while playing this Windows 8 game. Bit confusing right? But, you will get confused while playing this mind befuddled game. This is a simple looking game but you do have to imply your mind a lot for completing a particular level. This is a kind of board game which you can play by you own without a second player.


You can see the game here, You just have to eliminate the colored blocks by placing the same type of blocks next to each other. You are allowed to move one block horizontally, either left or right. You can move any block, if there is another block over it. The block will fall in the empty space below, if any, and it will hit the ground below.

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You can see that, you have to drag the block from its position and you just have to place it over a like patterned block and you will make the blocks disappear. The aim of this Windows 8 puzzle game is to make all the patterned blocks disappear. And you are good to go with it.

So, just install this Windows 8 puzzle app on your desktop and have fun. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.