IRI: Free Windows 8 Math App

IRI is a free Windows 8 math app with the help of which you can practice math problems in a play way technique. This Windows app come from the ‘Games’ section of the Windows 8 App Store.

This is a fun game where you can use your math to solve the problem but you don’t need to be an Einstein to solve the math problems here. You just have to solve some menial math here and can have fun by achieving a maximum score in minimum time. There are no rules and regulation while playing this Windows 8 math app. You just have to open up your mind and eyes to obtain a high score in less time. This game for Windows 8 doesn’t need any Internet access, you just have to install IRI app for Windows 8 on your desktop and you care good to go.


This is the selection mode of this Windows 8 app where you can choose from various modes and can play the math game in your own way. There are 2 selective modes like Blitz and Casual Mode. Just click on any one of them and use your brain to play with numbers.

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This is the Blitz Mode where you have to find the sum of number 10. Just like the summation of numbers make 10 i.e. 2+2+3+3=10, 4+6=10 or 7+2+1=10. Similarly, you have to select the horizontal or vertical series of number that sum up to 10. You have to achieve a high score within a minimum time.

Similarly, The Casual Mode is just for your practice where you don’t need to achieve a score in a time span. You can casually play the game in this mode.

Go ahead and download this Windows 8 math app on your Windows 8 desktop and play with numbers. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.