Loku: Free Windows 8 Events Tracking App

Loku is a free Windows 8 events tracking app with the help of which you can find the what is actually happening in your surroundings. This is a kind of Windows 8 app which you will really appreciate if you are a party animal.

Loku app for Windows 8 lets you browse your local surroundings for having a good time with your friends. You can search through the local events and happenings in your surrounding or in the adjoining towns and cities.

This Windows 8 events tracking app is localized to specific areas like Austin, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco and some of the other places in America. This app for Windows 8 lets you find the amazing and hot current events that you really don’t want to miss. You don’t have to ask anyone about what’s going on in your hood. Just explore the world around you and get to know about amazing place to eat, to party, and to have fun.


Here, you can see the latest Events here with the help of which you can actually catch these events with your friends. Similarly, you can get to know what are the current affairs in your local surroundings. You can get the local news with the help of this Windows 8 app.

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In addition to this, you can also surf a lot more better place to eat and party from your routine place. You can invite your friends and colleagues to these amazing places where you can eat, drink and socialize. Just click on the specific area you want to browse and have fun with this Windows 8 events tracking app.


You can also get the best deals on this Windows 8 app like you get on various shopping websites with related offers and prices. Also, you can direct to the related website with the help of Loku and can also browse through various photos of your surroundings that you have never seen before.

Just install this Windows 8 events tracking app on your Windows 8 desktop and you can have a great time ahead.