GuidePal: Free Windows 8 Tour Guide App

GuidePal is a free Windows 8 tour guide app that shows you the whole world on your computer screen. This tour guide app for Windows 8 has the potential to take you to the world in one go. You can easily get any information from all over the world about various countries and places. You can easily browse through various cities and their local cuisines, shopping locales, bars & restaurants etc. You can simply have the whole world in your fingertips.

GuidePal Windows 8 app just asks for your Internet connection and it will take some time to download the tour guide of the world. Once done, you can simply browse through the world with the beautiful places to know about and can have all the information you need about various places if you are hoping to visit somewhere.


This is the aesthetic user interface of this Windows 8 tour guide app and you can get to know about any of these visible countries and place on a single mouse click. Just hit the place and get to know about the culture, the people, the local cuisine, various hotels if you are planning to live there for a while.

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Just like here, you can see the guide lines of The beautiful city of Delhi in India. You can read about the history of the city here and can read a lot of other things about this beautiful city. You can browse through various shopping spots, hotels to live in, bars & restaurants for having a nice time to spend with your friends and can also know about what is famous in the big-hearted city.


And here, you can read about the famous Karim’s Chicken from the Chandni Chowk of Delhi. This is quite a famous place in Delhi, about which you can read right here with the help of this Windows 8 tour guide app. And, you can browse such another amazing spots and locales through this app for Windows 8.

This is a kind of Windows 8 app that you will really appreciate to have on your Windows 8 desktop and can browse around the whole world sitting right in front of your computer screen. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.