Crosswords: Free Windows 8 Crossword Game App

Crosswords is a free Windows 8 crossword game app which has been taken from the ‘Games’ section of Windows 8 Store. As most of you people have played crossword at least once in your lifetime. And here, you are going to play the same old crosswords but with a little twist of this new technology.

Windows 8 brings you the fun of playing crosswords with different levels and package. You have to install this Windows 8 crossword game app on your desktop and have fun while implying your brain. Now, you don’t have to solve those boring old crossword puzzles in your newspapers. You can now solve those on your home PC with a lots of fun and frolic. You can directly download crossword packages everyday and can play a new game every time you switch to this Windows 8 app.


You can simply download a package from the store and it will directly be added to your crossword library. Just click on your desired package and have it to your library. You can purchase a package or can simply get the free ones. Just open the package and check out the number of puzzles you want, all here at this game app for Windows 8.


You can look here, that number of classic puzzles are waiting for you and you just have to click on one of them. You can choose any of the puzzle according to their difficulty level rated in front of them.

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You can see the crossword puzzle over here with the Across and Down list. You just have to fill the crossword with the appropriate word in the puzzle and put all your thoughts into it because it is not simple as it looks like. Go ahead, take the challenge, install this amazing classic Windows 8 crossword game on your Windows 8 desktop and have fun playing it. Learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store.