Match-A-Pair: Free Windows 8 Memory Test App

Match-A-Pair is a free Windows 8 memory test app for having fun with a bit of challenge to your memory power. I hope many of you guys have given competitive exams in which you have to match a pair of figures to the appropriate option.

And this Windows 8 app here, will provide you with a similar environment where you can guess and memorize the suitable choice from the given options. It’s just like a non-verbal test where you have to click an option and it will turn into a picture and you have to find the suitable match for that image. This memory test app for Windows 8 is a delight for all kinds of people, from kids to adults. This Windows 8 memory test app will definitely give a brain teaser to them. It consist of various levels with increasing difficulty degree.


This is how the interface looks like where you can get a number of categories. You just have to choose your own area of interest and have fun while playing this game. There are 3 levels i.e. Easy, Medium and Hard. You can choose according to your own convenience.

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You can see the game played here, where you have to match the colors with its appropriate match. Isn’t it simple? Well, these can get much more tricky and difficult as the level rises. You can play by your won and can have fun with it. Just memorize the right place and choose its match.


In addition to this, you can also choose your own avatar for your game. You can select an avatar for yourself from the given range and can save your score for each game you have played till now.

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So, just install this fun Windows 8 memory test app on your Windows 8 desktop and apply your memorizing power.