National Rail Enquiries: Free Windows 8 Railway Enquiry App

National Rail Enquiries is a free Windows 8 railway enquiry app which will help you to get rid of your railway related enquiries. It will take care of all your problems that are troubling you. You just have to install this Windows 8 app on your PC and you will be having your railway enquiries resolved on your single mouse click.

Most of the time when you have railway enquiries, you stick to the phone or your Internet to find the answers that are making you crazy. But now, you don’t have to worry about your problems, this railway enquiry app for Windows 8 here will resolve all your problems. You just have to enter some initial details the app wanted \to know and you will be fine. It will just ask for your current location and you are ready to go then.


This is the home page of this Windows 8 railway enquiry app where you have to insert the initial information about your hoe place and work place and it will give all the details about the running railway nearby you. It will give you the time delays of the trains nearby you and also the information regarding the running trains.

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You can simply check the schedule of the departing trains and can also get the arrival time on your screen by placing your work place and home place into account. This will let you to connect directly to the Internet where you can search for your queries in detail.


Here, you can see all the other sort of information you would like to go through. Like the station info with the contact details and the cycle storage and the local area. You can also get the other information about the transportation like the Taxi ranks etc. You can also get the accessible enquiry counters and all.

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So, just install this Windows 8 railway enquiry app on your Windows 8 desktop and get your queries resolved.