Birzzle: Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game App

Birzzle is a free Windows 8 puzzle game app which has been taken from the Games section. It’s a quite a fun game and very easy to play. This is a puzzle game for Windows 8 with lots of amazing features and game modes.

It is a Windows 8 game which you can prefer for your pass time. You just have to place the right bird at the right place and you will achieve your score. You have to drag the bird to its appropriate position to eliminate the like colored birds. The motive of this Windows 8 puzzle game is to place the like colored bird in a group not less than 3 so that you can eliminate them. You can score more if you place more than 3 birds at a time in a group. You can also get bonus powers to eliminate birds in the whole grid. You have to eliminate as many birds as you can to crack the highest recorded score.


You can see the start page of this Windows 8 game which consist of the Game Modes which we can select by our own. The two modes are the Classic Mode and the Ice Break Mode. And trust me, the Ice Break Mode is quite fun to play. It will take your breathe away.

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This is the Classic Mode you can see here, The aim of this game for Windows 8 is to place the like colored bird at its right place so that the whole group of the same colored birds will get eliminated. But, you have to place at least 3 birds at a time leaving you points. As many bird you will place, the more the score you will get.


And, here is the Ice Break Mode, in which you have to select the right place so the upcoming bird will fall there and the adjacent ice will get break by the explosion leaving you with the score. The catch here is that you have to do this in the given time duration. The more you will break the ice and eliminate the birds, the more you will get the time to kill them. In addition to this you have to release the golden egg frozen into the ice.

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So, is you really want to pass your leisure time, play this game on your Windows 8 desktop.