Grantophone: Free Windows 8 Music App

Grantophone is a free Windows 8 music app with the help of which you can compose music online. With the help of this Windows 8 app, you can get a real-time experience of playing a musical instrument.

This basically looks like a Synthesizer with the help of which you can create various types of amazing sounds effects by arranging the notes and pitch. Well, I don’t know much about the technicalities of music but this app for Windows 8 here will let you create your own rhythm. You can simply imagine this Windows 8 music app as your personal piano or harmonium or your synthesizer.

Just have fun while using this Grantophone Windows 8 app and you will definitely make something innovative, something par excellence, something your own. You can play random music with different sounds and effects and make it fun. You just have to install Grantophone app and it will take care of everything else.


This is how the Grantophone music app for Windows 8 looks like, where you just have to touch the notes with your fingers if you have a touch screen else you just have to press the pointer on the note and you can create your own ingenious music. You can simply adjust the levels and notes according to your choice. You can also change the graphic equalizer according to your choice and can also alter the volume level with the help of the bar.

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You can check the various levels here with the graphic equalizer which is now in square-shaped waves. If you really know the fine technicalities of making music, then is a kind of app that you will really appreciate.

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So, just install this Windows 8 music app on your desktop and have fun with your own music.