How To Personalize Windows 8

The very new Operating System that Microsoft has introduced is stuffed with bundle of amazing features, which makes it joyful and provides colorful experience.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 comes up with oodles of new graphics that can be customized according to your preferences. The graphical changes in Windows 8 has been designed to help users improve their experience towards Window 8. The Windows 8 Metro UI has changed the way an OP presents programs to its user. It’s got may inbuilt programs which makes it much more drifting and unique towards its launch.

In this process, I will guide you “How To Personalize Windows 8”. Yea…you read it correct. You can customize the way Windows 8 look and make it more personalized.

How To Personalize Windows 8:

  • Open the charms bar.

How to personalize Windows 8

  • Take the cursor to the right-corner of your charms bar and click on “settings”.

How to personalize Windows 8 1

  • Click “More PC Setting”

How to personalize Windows 8 2

  • This will soon take you to Windows 8 Personalization settings.

Customize Lock Screen:

The first thing we are going to customize is the Windows 8 Lock screen.

  • You can change the picture displayed on your Windows 8 lock Screen.
  • You can customize which all apps to run in the background and show a quick status and notification, even if your screen is locked.
  • You can also choose an app to display detailed status.

How to personalize Windows 8 3

Customize Start Screen:

Start screen is the second section, that you can customize.

  • Here, you can easily adjust the color scheme by sliding the slider according to your choice.
  • You can even choose different designs and patterns which are available in Windows 8.

How to personalize Windows 8 4

Customize Account Picture:

  • You can easily change your account picture.
  • You can even browse and add account pictures from your collection.
  • You can also take new picture, using your web cam.

How to personalize Windows 8 5


You can take the advantage of growing collection of Windows 8 Themes.

Note: These changes get applied instantly but these changes may not have any effect on your Metro UI.

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I am quite sure you will definitely enjoy customizing Windows 8 or personalizing Windows 8. Go ahead and just do it..!