How To Sign Out From Windows 8 Account

By now, most of you must be aware about Windows 8 login procedure. Yupp…you read it right. The very new Microsoft’s Windows 8 needs a Live ID and password in order to access features it provides. However, many got puzzled on how to sign-out from Windows 8 because every time they login, it automatically sign-in to Windows 8 Account.

Hence, after a proper R&D, I came across three different methods of signing out from Windows 8.

Signing out is required for multiple users using same PC. For this purpose, you need to sign-out from your PC before shutting down. This procedure maintains privacy and protection for all your data. Lets get started over with the methods.

How To Sign Out From Windows 8 Account:

1st Method:

    • Type CTRL + ALT + DEL and select sign out from the option that appears.

2nd Method:

    • Click onĀ  Start screen, Take the cursor and click user tile at top right, and then select Sign out from the menu that appears.

Sign out from windows 8

3rd Method:

    • Open aero desktop on your PC, Type ALT + F4 and choose sign out from the list of option.

Sign out from windows 8 1

Make sure that you follow the steps carefully to sign-out clearly.

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Go ahead and try out yourself.