How To Backup Files In Windows 8

Here is how to backup files in Windows 8. We can not deny the fact that backing up files is very much important if you spend a lot of time on Computer. Many a times it happen with almost all of us that we lost an important file sue to some unknown Malware, Virus, or a sudden system crash. Hence, if you back up all the files in your system, you can get those files easily in case of some undue crashes.

And if you find an in-built file backup tool in the system itself, it becomes an ice on the cake. Yep…you read it correct. Windows 8 do have this feature. You can easily backup files in Windows 8 in a more convenient way. The in-built file back up tool in Windows 8 is called “File History”.

Now, to turn on this Windows 8 File History option in Windows 8, you need to go on to the “System & Security” found under the Control Panel. As you plug-in USB device and switch on the “File History” option, you will find that all your files have been transferred to this USB device, automatically. However, in case you want to exclude folders, just click on “Exclude Folders” option give at the left side of the screen.

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Using this File History option is an excellent way to recover all the edited or deleted files. However, the in-built tool is not suitable for backing up large and big sized files including movies, or big software. But still, its worth to turn it on. Go ahead and backup files in Windows 8….