Windows 8 Sudoku Game App

Microsoft has made the very popular Sudoku Puzzle available for Windows 8 as a separate app in Windows 8 app store. The Windows 8 Sudoku Game App is a 9×9 grid board game where you need to place the numbers in a way that each row, each column, and each of the 3×3 sub-squares contains digits starting from 1to9.

Now, the challenging part in this Windows 8 Sudoku game is that a number should not repeat in the entire horizontal line, the entire vertical line, and the sub-square box.

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Features Of Windows 8 Sudoku Game:

  • Three different levels are available.
  • Automatically save your left game
  • Get highlight while entering a number in the wrong place.
  • Offers undo and redo option.
  • Offers various options like hint,validate, reset, and many more.
  • Live tile shows the level with completed percentage.
  • Easy-to-play.

Sudoku Game

This Sudoku Game for Windows 8 consists of three different levels — Easy, Normal, and Hard. It’s very easy to play on Windows 8 OS. All you have to do is tap on one individual box where you want to place a number, and then click over the number which you want to place. All the numbers from 1to9 are available at the right side of the 9×9 grid.

The good part of this Windows 8 Sudoku game app is that it allows you to use notes option in which it roughly fills the numbers to be placed in a single box, which helps you solve the puzzle smartly. Other useful options are also available in this Windows 8 Sudoku app such as hint, validate, reset, solve, and clear notes. You need to right-click in order to use these options.

Let me briefly explain each of the available options in Windows 8 Sudoku Game App:

  • Hint: You can take a hint of numbers to be placed which helps to solve the puzzle quickly.
  • Validate: It will correct your mistake if you have placed a wrong number.
  • Reset: You can reset your game and start playing from the very beginning in case you have got stuck anywhere.
  • Solve: This will solve your game by filling the right numbers at the right place.
  • Clear Notes: With a click on this option, your notes will be clear.

Sudoku Game is an excellent puzzle game for Windows 8 where you  need to brainstorm properly. I just love playing this game, and now when I found it over my Windows 8 OS, it was an ice on the cake.