Sky News App For Windows 8

Sky News App is a free news app for Windows 8 that helps you to keep yourself abreast with all the latest around the world news including politics, business, sports, entertainment, and so on.

The good part is that this Windows 8 news app comes up with videos clips of news. However, to watch news video clip, you need to go onto “Sky News In Video” option.

Features Of Sky News App For Windows 8 :

  • Offers top stories in text format along with a video clip.
  • Offers live news including Weather bulletin news.
  • Enables you to get the proper news with a descriptive articles.
  • Live tile shows the news feed to aware the users about the news.
  • Offers strange and sports news along with many other categories.
  • Systematically designed interface.
  • Available within Windows 8 App Store.

Sky News App

Sky News App for Windows 8 has total of nine different categories such as Top stories, Sky News in video, UK News, World News, Politics, Sports, Business News, Showbiz and Strange. You will get the top stories in the main view. With a click on “Sky News In Video”, you will get the live news, Weather bulletin news , and three minutes catch-up news.

To view the world news, just click on “World news” category. A separate category has been given for political news and Sports news. This will give you the present conditions of politics and sports, worldwide.

Windows 8 Sky News App gives a full-fledged description of almost all the news. You can read articles to scrutinize a particular news. And with a right-click on these news articles, you can note the important news in notepad and other content by using select all and copy option.

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Sky News App is a good utility news app for Windows 8 available in the Spotlight category of Windows 8 App Store. Go ahead and try Sky News App for Windows 8.