Windows 8 Reader App To Comfortably Read Articles: Comfy Reader

Comfy Reader is a free Windows 8 Reader app. It works with Windows 8 Internet Explore app, available by default on the Start screen. The free Reader provides you with the ability to read online articles in a more comfortable manner by trimming the extra information which is available along with the articles. Only the Textual data would be filtered by the app for you to read. This free Windows 8 Reader app  is available in Productivity section of Windows Store.

Comfy Reader- Main Screen

The free Windows 8 Reader app also allows you to share any particular section from any article you are reading. You can copy any section of the article you are reading in this app. Then you can send it over mail to anyone.

Read Articles using this free Windows 8 Reader app

Comfy Reader allows you to read articles from over the Web. In order to use this functionality, you have to first open the particular article you want to read. Now, you should keep in mind that you should use only the Internet Explore static Tile that comes on your Windows 8 Start screen. Any other Desktop browser won’t work with Comfy Reader.

Comfy Reader- View articles using Share Charm

In order to view the article in Comfy Reader, we have to first to use the Windows Share Charm. Share Charm will show you a number of options, from which you have to choose ‘Comfy Reader’. Then the Comfy Reader will open that article, trimming the extra part of the article and showing you only the textual part.

Comfy Reader- Article View in Comfy Reader

Employ Comfy Reader to Copy and Share articles

You can also make use of this free Windows 8 Reader app to copy any particular section or part of the article, and share it with anyone.

Comfy Reader- Share part from Articles

For using this particular function of Comfy Reader, just Select the part you want to copy and copy it. Then using the Windows Share Charm, open up your Integrated account. There, paste that particular copied text. Now you can send this selected text to anyone.

You can also share the whole article using the same Share Charm.

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Key Features of Comfy Reader

  • Nice and User Friendly Interface: Using this free Windows 8 Reader app is quite easy.
  • Free availability: The Reader is freely available at Productivity section of Windows Store.
  • Support for Textual Data: The free Windows 8 Reader app shows only the textual data of the article you want to read, hiding other parts.
  • Copy and Share Articles: You can copy and share particular part or the entire article over E-Mail by using the Share Charm of Windows.

My Verdict on Comfy Reader

To conclude, I would like to say that this Free Windows 8 Reader app is quite nice. Its interface is quite nice. It allows anyone to open any article in it, but there is a condition that it can’t view any article from any of your Desktop app. For me, it worked for the Internet Explorer app available on the Start Screen of the Windows. It did not even open any articles that I opened using Internet Explore that is available on My Desktop. Otherwise, for the rest part, it is quite nice. I would really recommend you using it.

Get Comfy Reader here.