Free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle Game App: Puzzles

Puzzles is a free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle game app. The app provides you with many picture puzzles so that you can enjoy rearranging them. It’s a great Stress-Buster. You can either solve the Picture Puzzles which are available by default in this app, or use pictures present on your system to create puzzles. You can also take any snap using your Camera or Webcam and can upload it into this free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle game app to create puzzles and solve them.

Any picture you upload in this puzzle solving app, will be randomly organized for you to solve. While solving the Picture, you will be shown the timer, where you can see how much time you are taking to solve it. Plus this, while solving any particular puzzle you will be able to see the original picture always.

Puzzles- Main Screen

This free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle game app  is available in Windows Store in the Games/ Puzzles category.

Let’s get you a better idea of Puzzles.

Solve Picture Puzzles using Puzzles

Right at the main screen of this free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle game app, you will be shown a number of puzzles to solve. You have the option to choose any picture from the app, from your hard disk, or you can even capture any picture using your webcam or your camera.Puzzles- Picture Puzzle

As you opt to solve any puzzle, right at the same time, the timer will also start. The timer will allow you to keep a track of the time you take to solve the picture puzzle you have opted to solve.

For choosing the option to solve picture puzzle of any of the picture which is available on your hard disk, you have to use the ‘Pick from Images’ option.

Puzzles- Pick from Images

When you will use this option, your images will be displayed by the app. From there, choose the picture your want the app to split for you.

Another option available for you to use, is the ’Take a Picture’ option which is available right at the main screen of this free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle game app. Click that option and the app will open up a screen in front of you. On the screen you will be asked whether the app should access your Image taking device in order to take image, which will be randomly split by it, for you to arrange correctly.

Puzzles- Take Photos from Webcam or Camera

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle Game App

  • Nice and User Friendly Interface: The interface of the app is quite nice. Anyone can easily understand the working of the app quite easily.
  • Choose from a number of Puzzles, available as default in the app.
  • Take pictures using your picture taking device and create puzzle out of it.
  • Availability of Timer: A timer is available in the app which will start as soon as you open any puzzle to solve it. Keep track of time you are taking to solve any puzzle.
  • Availability of Original Picture when you are solving the puzzle.

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My Verdict on Puzzles

Finally, I would like to say that this free Windows 8 Picture Puzzle game app is fun to use. Its Interface is quite nice. I used it myself, and found it to be quite nice. The ability of the app which allows you to take pictures using your picture taking devices is quite nice. All in all, it is quite a nice and engaging app and is worth a try.

Get Puzzles here