Free Windows 8 Puzzle Game: Word Drop Deluxe

Word Drop Deluxe is an interesting puzzle game which is free and is for Windows 8 and 8.1 users. This puzzle game is also a good word game. It has a never ending game play and can go on until you are out of time.

In Word Drop Deluxe, there are four game modes that you can choose to play from; these are namely classic mode, blocker mode, search mode and unlimited mode. These games have different game play. To start any game, click on the mode and then click on Start button at the bottom.

Word Drop Deluxe

In the game you have to make words out of the puzzled alphabets on the blocks. There are two methods of making a word. You can either click on the first alphabet and drag the mouse to the next alphabets and leave when you are completed with the word; or you can click on each alphabet one by one and then click on the Submit button.

The game has a timer with it so you have to create words to score as much as you can within the time limit. In different game modes there are different hurdles that will have to clear to score higher score. You can leave a game at any point of time. When you abandon any game in middle then you can resume it by clicking on Resume game button from the main menu.

Free Puzzle Game

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If you think you cannot make more words or you are stuck with finding a new word then you can click on Shuffle button. Shuffle button will shuffle the alphabets of the game. There are various stats available for the games you have played. The game has really impressive and great graphics. The 2D effect of the game play and the whole environment of the game modes, menu, stats and other relevant areas has a great impact on the player.

Download Word Drop Deluxe.